James Bamford will direct Black Rose, a new science fiction series written and produced by Uzair Merchant, bKREATIV Productions. The original pilot won several awards, including Best Feature Script at the Hollywood Gold Awards and Best Action Screenplay at the LA Film Awards.

Set in a post-pandemic future, a recently disavowed Interpol agent Rose has gone rogue, before uncovering a cult that threatens her city.


Jade film poster
Poster – Jade directed by James Bamford

Jade (feature film), directed by James Bamford, is currently in production. The cast includes Mickey Rourke (Tork), Shaina West (Jade), Mark Dacascos (Reese), Marcus Aurelio (Bains) and Marcus Vincios Maciel (Ortiz). The filming location is Albuquerque, New Mexico.

IMDB: Jade


Mickey Rourke, Mark Dacascos to Star in ‘Jade’ for Stuntman-Director James Bamford (EXCLUSIVE) – Variety